Triangular Coaching

Hello and welcome to Triangular Coaching

Our wish is to create a world where beauty, joy and connectedness are the basis for human interactions and where we create from love in alignment with who we are.

We are using the sacred geometry of a triangle, three people, to initiate a raise in consciousness and explore accompanying life changes. The triangle creates a unique stable and supportive environment in which we can listen, interact with each other, and transform energies in ways a one-on-one conversation can not.

We, Freya Schafer and Petra Webstein, invite you into a larger picture of yourself. We have created this triangular coaching space to offer a new & innovative way to help you experience yourself and grow beyond your perceived limitations, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We accept, nurture and see you for the beautiful and powerful person you really are. We help you find 3rd Alternative Solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

Triangular Coaching allows us to combine our skills and creativity in the best possible way. Freya brings clarity, joyfullness & curiosity and Petra complements it with graciousness, compassion & nurturing. Together we hold a space for you where anything is possible.

Please contact us if you want to experience yourself in a larger picture, deepen your human interactions and create from love. 


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